Friday, August 14, 2020
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Artist: Nervous Curtains
Title: Low Defender
Format: CD EP
Label: medical-records
Rated: *****
It's a sound work thriving under the sign of Apocalypse blessed from the past by a legendary and elegant band like "A Certain Ratio". Low Defender of the Nervous Curtains has a sound rich in texture and thinking and it tells us about a universe without hope, a collapse of what we call modern civilization. Even if the dark synth wave is present what we listen and feel is a strong and vivid intelligence in this fresco, the human culture is not disappearing is reacting. The band is from Dallas, the capital of a reign very unique and dense of icons and strange memories of the near past. It's again a sign of how much complex and powerful is the American counter culture and its sensibility in the scan of reality. They tell us that PARANOIA is a cultural commodity and how to deny this insight in the era of conspiracy we live. Remarkable is the video of the track DEVASTATOR an endeavor that for sure will got attention from the Walking Dead fans even if there are no flesh eaters but something definitely more interesting: the star of the video is the talented actor Dean Wray.


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