Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Jackal & Hyde: Bad Robot

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Artist: Jackal & Hyde
Title: Bad Robot
Format: 12"
Label: Dominance Electricity
Rated: *****
"I'm the bad robot, the one that will destroy, I'm the bad robot, the future humanoid, my design is perfection, that becomes divinity, I'm the bad robot, I'll change the galaxy". This is the message of the newest Jackal & Hyde 12" and sounds like a promise! Active since early early '00s, the duo is formed by the electro veterans
Scott Weiser and Todd Walker of Dynamix II and Bass Junkies fame, respectively. Dynamix II is a legend of Miami electro and is existing since mid 80s, while Bass Junkies were active in the 90s. Both bands had releases out on Dynamix II Records. With a couple of albums and many 12"s on their back, Jackal & Hyde are bringing to the electro lovers a new upbeat tune which is a blast. "Bad Robot" gathers all the catchy things of electro: powerful rich rhythms, catchy melodies, synth stabs and glitches. All this packed into a sharp sounding mix. Also the B side is great one, even if it isn't a new tune: "Dark Star" is a new version of a track included into 12" released in 2004 which was shared with Dynamix II and Volsoc. While writing this review I listened to this single at least three times and I'm not tired yet. The 12" will be available on red vinyl with poster as well as on black vinyl, for Dominance Electricity. Give to it a virtual spin here