Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: Earl Grey (@)
Title: Dorsiflexsion / Karmic Sprain
Format: 12"
Label: Inperspective Records (@)
Rated: *****
The sample of a steamer, a somehow old-fashioned bouncy rhythmical pattern and a looped sampled trumpet sketched melody which adds a more antiquated shadow to the sound - it could let you think a secret amen break in the collection of Marlene Dietrich playing on the gramophone owned by that diva, while listening to this mixture - ignites "Dorsiflexion", the first tune of this tidbit by Mancunian producer and dj Jim Ehlinger aka Earl Grey for Christopher Walton's imprint Inperspective. The track seems to get off the round after the addiction of two percussive elements, but it gradually twists around itself without any real evolution. "Karmic Sprain", the other half of this release, is much more interesting: the tones of grey got added by a pitched synth-organ as well as by a sampled female vocals, which sounds like being in agony, the "narrative" setting got rendered by sampled dialogues of people talking about someone who "doesn't respect anybody" and the element of amalgamation is a really amazing rhythmical pattern - I'm not sure percussions are digital as they are so perfectly designed that they sounds played by "real" drums -. Besides a certain lividity of the sound, Earl Grey's infusion are really delicious.


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