Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Wade Matthews, Javier Pedreira, Ernesto Rodrigues, Nuno Torres (@)
Title: Primary Envelopment
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
Similarly to the introduction of "Erosions", another collaborative release for Creative Sources we talked about some years ago, which involved Ernesto Rodriguies and Neil Davidson, Wade Matthews wisely introduces "Primary Envelopment", a recording where field recordings, amplified objects and digital synthesis by Matther himself converged with Nuno Torres' alto saxophone, Ernesto Rodrigues' viola and Javier Pedreira's guitar, by means of an interesting concptualization where improvisation got compared to building or I'd rather say to construction works, instead of architecture by quoting Robert Smithson's "A Sedimentation of the Mind". According to Smithson's words: "Building takes on a singular wildness as loaders scoop and drag soil all over the place. Excavationas form shapeless mounds of debris, miniature landslides of dust, mud, sand amd gravel". If listeners bear in mind this matching between construction and improvisation, this seemingly abstract session, where the differences between (musical) instruments and working tools got somehow blurred, could mirror that "devasting kind of primordial grandeur" that Smithson matched to building, even if you - you don't have to apologize for that! - won't easily understand who is playing what in many moments of the recording that this fourtet made in april and june 2014 at Smiling Cow Studio in Madrid. A primary envelopment, indeed!