Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Elian
Title: Harrowgate
Format: CD
Label: Home Normal (@)
Rated: *****
One of the relatively older entries on Home Normal that reached my headpones after some months is the second album for the excellent Ian Hawgood's imprint by Richmond-based electronic music maker Michael Duane Ferrell, better known as Elian. Such a time shift could make sense as I won't wonder if it came to us from some dimensional port facing on the past or the future due to the sci-fi scenery that Elian's music manages to evoke, as the five parts of "Harrowgate" could trap listeners by an interesting amalgamation of pre-Kraftwerkian electronics - think about all those composers such as Mel Kaiser, Oskar Sala or Tom Dissevelt, whose stuff got largely used by science fiction movie makers- fter a digital repainting and a series of contemporary compositional tricks such as binaural beats ("Harrowgate 2"), flangered echoes ("Harrowgate 3"), dark symphonies that sound like having built by means of overlapping of electronic particles ("Harrowgate 4") and droning vacuum injections ("Harrowgate 5"), which highlight the sense of derangement of listening experience. Besides this somehow old-fashioned and heavily synth-driven nuance, "Harrowgate" could dip listeners into a mental reverie over outer space, where gravitational pulls are just like an ancient memory of an almost forgotten previous life.