Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Villem & Mcleod
Title: Ain’t No Way / Make Tomorrow
Format: 12"
Label: Warm Communications (@)
Rated: *****
One of the highest-quality (musical) marriage of contemporary drum'n'bass scene is undoubtedly the one by Ipswich-born producers Andrew Wilson aka Villem and Sam Mcleod, who recently puts another drop of firing tunes on Warms Communications growing catalogue. Similarly to other recent stuff by this bicephalous entity, "Ain't No Way" got focused on a rich percussive palette and adventurous dynamics, so that the opening rocky start got enhanced when these guys get it into higher gear before getting a break and keeping on marching again faster and faster over a carpet of whops. My favourite tune of this release came on the flipside where they involved Totem on the fast-rolling liquid breaks and the protective sub-bass-enhanced embrace of "Make Tomorrow". An alternation of dimmer lights and crispy grinding beats drench "Saved You", which comes on digital as a bonus track. The first 100 copies are going to be printed on white and red marbled vinyl for the chromatic delight of more fetishistic djs.