Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: Aymeric De Tapol & Joachim Montessuis / Ripit
Title: split
Format: 7"
Label: Ångström Records (@)
Rated: *****
Some digital fury over French-Belgian label Angstrom comes on this split release, where the three sound artists that got involved offer an intensively visceral listening experience between digital hardcore, noise and pure brutality. Side A of this 45rpm 7inches vinyl that features a fine cover artwork by Line Vangrunderbeeck, gold silkscrren on heavy black paper, got occupied by Brussels-based video artist and composer Aymeric de Tapol and brilliant French experimental vocal performer Joachim Montessuis; their track "Protozaurus ", whose title seems to quote "Talking with a Dinosaur", an album by Aymeric de Tapol that got released in 2011 on Angstroem, spurts angst and agony from any piercing second of playing, where Joachim's excruciating voice claws the rough surface of a drone-like heavily distorted low frequency. On the other incendiary side, you'll find two short digital deflagrations - lasting about one minute -, whose elements (head-banging hits in-between the noise of helicopters and machine-gun fire, swirling electronic sequence and aggressive chiptunes) got exacerbated on "Deflagrator 2", by Nicolas "Ripit" Esterle (you won't believe he's one of the founder of Fujako in this noisy guise). The third and the fourth deflagrations include vocals respectively from Herbert Bourreau and Otto Von Schirach. If you consider this kind of stuff as the acoustic equivalent of a surgical operaion without anesthesia, don't worry, it's quite quick, but I can't say it will be painless at all...


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