Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: Justin Berkovi (@)
Title: What Will We Become?
Format: 12"
Label: Lucidflow (@)
Rated: *****
Klartraum's label Lucidflow hired a proper veteran of techno scene for the second physical release of current year: after many releases on well-known labels like Music Man, Djax-Up-Beats, Force Inc, Perc Trax and Solid, British techno maverick Justin Berkovi just featured many B-sides of some EP and one album on Triple R's Trapez in 2012, so that this release could be considered a sort of new beginning for London-based founder of Predicaments imprint. According to his own words: "I've always produced deeper music, more often than not even years ago was always pushed to B sides of EPs or remixes but now it's the main thing I want to do, techno with soul. After releasing a lot of more melodic material on labels such as eevonext and an album for Trapez a few years ago I want to return to solely concentrating ont his style for my music and live sets". This release is a good assay of the style that Justin defines "techno with soul": the closest to Lucidflow's style is "Something Together", whose vocal snippets, straight hits and fluffy progdub chords sound like coming from the gummy ventricles of a mechanical beating heart, while some shadows of Detroit style (particularly of those proggy declensions by he above-mentioned Music Man) overspread on the string-driven aquatic disturbances of the initial "Prelude" and the title-track "What Will We Become?", whose demanding/commanding male voice placing the spotlight on the somehow urgent matter of the future over Kevin's little psych-out on delayed percussions and flapping sounds. The fourth track "Dusk and Beyond" claims connection with Balil's sound, but the slapping bass resembles italo-house and its airy sonorities could resemble some stuff by Humate as well as some old entries on Rising High.


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