Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Atrium Carceri
Title: Metropolis
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
Few months after the release of "The Old City", Atrium Carceri returns with a new release, presented as closely connected to "The Untold", continuing his tale of the primordial metropolis and the force that builded it. From a musical perspective is closer to the previous release as it follows, but with a stronger writing, his structures.
The cinematic quality of "The Gargantuan Tower" opens this release following the path of "The Old City" so, when the spoken arrives, there's the sense of the absence of a visual element. The rhythmic elements of "The Dark Mother" marks a small departure to the dark ambient, the foundation of Atrium Carceri's style, returning with "Across the Sea of the Dead" and his impressive sound details. The small distortions of "Black Needle" and the resonances of "Decrepit City" could sound closer to some forms of drone metal. "Sacred Slab" is a return to form with his use of synth as "200 Days", apart from the vocal intro. "Industrial District" is based on a slowly developing drone and "Heart of the Metropolis" continues this path until the small noises of the second part of the track introduce the listener to "The Cowled Seers" whose gentle synth notes marks a shift toward pop territories covered in a flash with the return to a soundscape with "The Machine" and his evocative use of drones.
Instead of a release oriented towards fans, this album removes the flaw of "The Old City", a too emulative sound, and marks perhaps the beginning of a journey to new musical direction from this artist. A truly recommended release.


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