Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Andreas O.Hirsch (@)
Title: Summe 1
Format: 12"
Label: makiphon (@)
Rated: *****
The imaginative representation of the sound processing on the cover artwork of this nice release by composer and inventive sound artist Andreas Oskar Hirsch, which depicts three egg beaters whose supposed interstellar juice digs the bowels of the earth and got filtered by a funnel, could match his sonic artifact for Koln-based label makiphon. Speaking of artifacts, the "exoticism" of some of the eight droney soundscapes Andreas poured into the pan of "Summe 1" comes from a really exotic instrument that he extensively plays along with electric guitars, mini fans, pitched harmonicas and delays: the electric palm leaf, an electroacoustic instrument that looks like a crossbreed between a marimba and a palm leaf, is the source of the delayed percussions for some nice moments of the release such as the second part of the opening track "In A Seldom Land", which could fit an imaginary anthem for an hidden holiday resort for Indian tripping summers, the entrancing "Konnektor", the immersive "Kemeri 5 am", where Andreas inserted the nocturnal crane calls that he recorded on a bike trip in a swamp nearby Riga while he was trying to decode bird messages by means of morse code (!), the overdelayed tidbit of "Kautschukwaage" or "Opossum Pravda", a track that he dedicated to the notorious nocturnal marsupial, where the soft hearted final tones suggests a sort of emotional attachment to that tenecious creature. The link to terrestrial wonders, botanical scenery and animality fades away on the flipside, where drones climb to numerical reveries ("Summe 1"), sidereal trips ("Maxwell Mountains") and amazing abstract physics ("Teilchenbeschleuniger"). Only 300 copies of this release circulate on the planet.