Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Dexta (@)
Title: Mini Rave (James Bless RIP)/The Bunker ft.Gaunt
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: None60
Rated: *****
Sometimes they do come back. If I had to introduce an horror movie, you would think I was referring to zombies, vampires, aliens or other kind of monsters, but even if the comparison might also be appropriate, this is clearly not the case. Those "they" was referring to some old sounds that Chris Boyle grafted in this new couple of tracks for Bristol-based label None60 by which he confirms to have a great talent in building steadfast sonic bridges between past and future of bass-driven music as it occurred on his previous release "Tempest Dub/Mukky Riddim", which included many hooks to old grime sonorities: the first track by Diffrent Music label boss, "Microrave (James Bless RIP)", rests on easily recognizable sonic pillars of old-fashioned British Acid Rave 90ies sound such as triplet hi-hats, looped pitched vocal samples, trancey chords and so on, but its crossbreed with new grime-step sonorities is pretty amazing as well as the grimey-dubbey tune "The Bunker", which features the collaboration of Finnish guitarist Mika Aalto aka Gaunt, whose pillar is old school jungle and drumfunk sonorities. A tidbit for your eardrums to check.