Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Lunus And Milusic
Title: The Focus Of Life
Format: CD + Book
Label: Old Europa Cafe
Rated: *****
Artist, magician, precursor and eccentric man for his Dickensian times, Austin Osman Spare brought the unconscious to conscious thanks to his automatic drawings and sigils methods. His paints were evocative and mysterious and despite he lived almost in poverty, he made links with Crowley (he joined shortly the Botherhood Of The Silver Star a.k.a. Aregenteum Astrum) and in the 50s with Steffi and Kenneth Grant, who after his death became his literary executors. Talking about the CD by Lunus and Milusic, I think that the first one doesn't need a long introduction, as Denis Granziera is active since the 90s with musical project such as Teatro Satanico, Abra Had Abra, Bass Tards!, Lvnvs, Necrophonie, Officina Elettromagnetica, S. Biasin Trio, the latest New Processean Order, etc. Milusic is Roberto Migliussi and musically hasn't been really active, but he was the founder of Idola Tribus, a fanzine published in the 80s that was dealing with music, iconic historical people (as Hassan-I Sabbath) and more. In the last decades he became publisher and translated different Grant and Spare writings as well became a Peat therapist (Peat is a method of energetic psychology perfectioned by Zivorad M. Slavinski). Anyway, back to the music, "The Focus Of Life" contains eight tracks inspired by the Austin Osman Spare book. We have a sort of spoken word with an electronic soundtrack where synth pads and mid tempo rhythms create the core of the tracks while noises, chants, hypnotic melodies enhance the formula. The release has also a 38 pages book with introductory essay by Vittore Baroni and reproduction of the work of A.O.S. from 'Focus of Life". I enjoyed the release and in my humble opinion would have been perfect with the lyrics read by a professional actor.


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