Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Pennygiles (@)
Title: Looking In ft.Ed:it
Format: 12"
Label: Tempo
Rated: *****
Dutch label Tempo Records launches his first pre-summer sonic bullet by means of three tracks from Welsh d'n'b talent Stuart macallum aka Pennygiles, whose name maybe landed here for some stuff on IM:ltd or Fokuz. "Looking In", the track he co-signed with Ed Warrener aka Ed:it which gives the name to this single, sounds like a more "sharky" and bouncy restyle of some legendary tunes by Omni Trio - besides likewise hyperkinetic, it sounds definitevely less "junglized" than "Set Theory", their previously co-signed track "Set Theory" for C.I.A. Records -, but the nervously electric basslines over fast running vibes also drench the rhythmical grounds of the more soulful stuff that you'll find on the flipside of the vynil release, so that the emotional nuance of the vocal tracks "Lie Through Me" and "Without Worry" is not incompatible with d'n'b parties at all. This drum'n'bass precious trinket by Pennygiles is going to be available both on digital stores and as a crystal clear vynil in the first days June. Check it out!