Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Silent Dust
Title: Lone ft HOF / The Deku Tree
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: None60
Rated: *****
Bristol-based None60's purpose seems to renew the important role of that vibrant city in the field of contemporary music. Having been the hometown of Portishead, Massive Attack, Smith'n'Mighty as well as the base of many great d'n'b producers and clubs, Bristol can undoubtedly become the lighthouse of bass-driven music again thanks to a number of newcomers and veterans that are shaking the grounds and the catalogues of labels like None60. This time it was the turn of the illegitimate sons of well-known British paranormal investigator Maurice Grosse, as Uk producers Andy Hobbs aka Hobzee and Dan Blishen aka Zyon Base defined themselves. Even if they were born respectively in Kent and Manchester, Bristol is the city where they mainly operates by means of their imprint None60, whose main mission, in their own words, is the removal of "all limitations of genre, tempo and convention". In order to give an idea of what you're going to listen before you check the two tracks by your eardrums, I could approximately define their sound as a sort of chillstep (I violate the first amendment), running at half tempo (I violated the second amendment as well), but before someone puts a jinx or an arrest warrant to me, I can certify that both tracks are really unconventional: HOF voice mastefully oozes honey on the mellow half tempo of "Lone", while that honey turns into psychedelic resin on the following "The Deku Tree" - I could guess they are fans of "The Legend of Zelda"! -. Silent Dust confirms to be one of the most interesting acts in the general renaissance of bass music at the moment!