Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: IKB Ensemble
Title: Rhinocerus
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
When I introduced "Monochrome Bleu Sans Titre", the first release by this supergroup of improvisational musicians, I tried to explain the possible conceptual connection with so-called "nouveau realisme", an artistic movement whose co-founder, the Frenck pinter Yves Klein, gave the name to the kind of blue (International Kein Blue) that this ensemble used to name itself. Even if rhino was one of the animal that often appeared on the artistic producetion of painters and sculptors which can be filed under that movement, some aspects of this 40-minutes lasting session that got recorded by Carlos Santos and Nuno Morao at Panteo Nacional during the "Escuta Profunda" festival in Lisbon on 25th May 2014 make me think of the notorious piece by Eugene Ionesco, maybe the most emblematic oevre of the so-called 'theatre of the absurd', where the sudden appearance of a running rhino in the main square of a quiet French town so tha it manages to have an inflence on the conversational matters of a group of friends which was sitting and drinking according to a social ritual that keeps on lasting till our days. Little by little, they will transform into that strange animal till the moment whe the only guest - a metaphor of free thinker - who was not turned into a rhino yet, asks himself if it was better to keep his own semblance or adapt to the absurd metamorphosis of his companions. This metaphor of the cultural homologation by totalitarian monsters becomes the stage where the extremely deep identity crisis is the real main charater of the plot. The connection between that great piece by Ionesco and IKB Ensemble's recording is simple: even if there are a great number of performers, including Ernesto Rodrigues (baritone violin), Marian Yanchyk (violin), Guilherme Rodrigues (cello), Miguel Mira (double bass), Antonio Chaparreiro (electric guitar), Yaw Tembe (trumpet), Bruno Parrinha (clarinet, alto clarinet), Nuno Torres (alto saxophone), Joao Silva (Shruti box, Tibetan bell), Maria Radich (voice), Armando Pereira (accordion), Carlos Santos (computer, speaker), Nuno Morao (percussion, objects) and Jose Olieira (pecussion, objects), each instrument sounds like having lost their identity and cannot be easily distinguished in the elusive and subtly pervasive evanescence of a constant resounding, which seems to annihilate their single voices...


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