Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Emiliano Romanelli (@)
Title: 333 Loops (Volume 1)
Format: CD
Label: Terziruolo Editions (@)
'333 Loops' is one of those recordings that sounds interesting in theory. This was recorded live as part of the Within 01 festival in Italy. According to the press sheet, Romanelli created a system 'composed by an archive of 333 pre-recorded sound loops . . . by a sound synthesis software played in different acoustic environments, and documented mainly with internal microphones of several digital and analog portable recorders. Subsequently, by a custom software (2 loop players, 2 EQs, 4 delays, 1 digital room reverb, 4 LFOs), the loops are used as modules in a random process of juxtapositions (A//B) and multiplications (333²), able to generate live 110889 sound events to be diffused in the room via a multichannel sound system.' I can get down with adding some chaos to music (putting the experimental back into experimental music), so I was interested to see how this would play out. However, it sounds about like what you would expect: constant, repetitive loops. It was not difficult listening, but it was incredibly repetitive and the shifts in sound moved at a glacial pace. If you like really heavy drone, this may be up your alley. I'll admit that this was not really my cup of tea. This album weighs in at 35 minutes and is limited to 200 copies.


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