Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Feuerseele (@)
Title: Hinter Spiegeln
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Rated: *****
Feuerseele is a German folk-rock metal band with bagpipes! as their lead instrument. All the songs are sung in Deutsche, which is not likely to gain them much of a following here in the U.S., or other primarily English-speaking countries. On one hand I admire their uncompromising aesthetic in this regard, but on the other, I'm left out in the cold, not really comprehending what the hell songs are about. 'Hinter Spiegeln' is their second album, but of course I've never heard their first. The music has kind of a medieval bent, and vocalist Markus is quite capable of carrying it off in a Larry Kirwan kind of way. There's some nice variety on the tracks of 'Hinter Spiegeln' and the playing is spot on, but I have to say the constant use of bagpipes is a bit disarming, and eventually becomes kind of tedious. Most of it is pretty jovial, uptempo stuff, and Markus has enough emotion in the vocal department to make an impact. Feuerseele could be a very cool party band at a Renaissance Faire (that allowed electronic instruments), and a stein of brew is an absolute must here. I suppose if you like bands such as Corvus Corax, Alestorm, Skyclad, Subway to Sally, and even Black 47, you might like this. Although I don't hear any "big hits" on 'Hinter Spiegeln', strong tracks are "Jabberwock", "Golgotha" and "Alles Show". Still, if these guys want to expand their market, singing in English on the next album is a must. I think they've got a lot to offer in the medieval folk-rock metal genre, but English is the universal language of popular music, and there's just no getting around that. BTW, translated, the band's name Feuerseele = Firesoul, and the album title 'Hinter Spiegeln' = Behind Mirrors.