Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Title: Outfall
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Subinterior is a solo creature of Andrea Freschi's, also in Weltschmerz and in Coma Divine. Actually, these tracks were originally created for Coma Divine, but later became a project of their own - I'm pretty glad of it, because, in all truth, I liked this better than Coma Divine's cdr (quite good in itself). The press sheet says that the main source are digitally manipulated environmental sounds, and I'd say they have been HEAVILY treated, since you can hardly recognize but a few (dripping water, etc.). While this strategy can remind of Nihil Est Excellence, I think the best possible comparison is Robert Hampson/Main (and this is a HUGE compliment for me!) in his most abstract moments. Deep drones, slowly crawling bass frequencies, and minimal electronic disturbances - yeah, isolationist ambient to the max. There can be hardly any innovation in this field, but Subinterior manages to create some genuinely disturbing and mind-altering pieces, so I guess the mission was accomplished. There are 6 tracks clockin' in at 31', which is a very reasonable length to avoid attention-slipping. I'd really recommend you this cdr if you like your ambient solipsistic and obsessive.