Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: ForrrestDrones (@)
Title: Najas Flexilis Exequiae
Format: CD
Label: (@)
Rated: *****
This could sounds as the first cd published by this composer but is presented as Robert SkrzyÅski, otherwise known as Micromelancolié, whose last album was praised by me as it 'tries to search new grounds reasoning on structures'. This statement is confirmed by this new release, a single long track represented, in his beautiful sleeve, as an owl seeing the moon phases, in a meditative, but happy, mood.
The crackles of an old record introduce the listener into a soundscape made out of drones and small noises that has the quality to escape the obvious suspension of time searching the hypnotizing effect. The drones and loops enters and exits through the track and are unheard until it's realized the change of the loop. So, at first listen the overall effect could sound static but closer analysis reveals the clear music path followed by the composer.
This release is another one that could not be recommended to anyone as it's perhaps too focused on a particular structure to be enjoyed by everyone. However all fans of drone and ambient will enjoy this album and wait for the next release from this composer. Really nice.