Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Brigitte Roussel (@)
Title: Amber Hole
Format: CD EP
Label: Double Hallucinative (@)
Rated: *****
A leg of the underrated project Nac/Hut Report, the Polish illustrator, vocalist and performer Brigitte Roussel offes an interesting and genuine glimpe of her sonic aesthetics on this release, which features her partner-in-art LI|ese|Li on guitar and sound forging. Her sound has often been compared to some well-known industrial acts such as Cabaret Voltaire or Psychic TV, but the disturbances and the sonic landslides that got rolled over her awesome vocals displays a more personal and soemwhat hallucinatory approach: she seems to give voice to a sort of curse since the beginning of "Amber Hole" on the disquieting "Prologue", which sets the mood for further explorations inside her sound. The off-beat journey on "Golden Trains" renders a sort of nightmare, whose subtle obsessiveness is so visceral that could cause dizziness and tummy cramps; she seems to loop a deformed motif by the Hungarian composer Rezso Seress she thanks in the inlay on "Hidden Room", whose vampire parlor tricks let me think about an imaginary crossbreed between Tylervision's "The Last Human" and a track by Schlauch on the singing by a feverish Lydia Lunch, before letting her voice drowning in the psychotic gurgling of "Rain", corroding the flesh of an electro-mechanical loop on the morbid "Dance Of Butterfly", where even her voice seems to undergo drastic changes (from a sort of childish Lady Radiator - who saw Lynch's Eraserhead knows who I'm referring to - to a sadistic agitator) and collecting cerebrospinal fluid and blood on the gently ferocious "Tears Box" and the castrated melodic corruption of "Churchyard", the chapter before an epilogue which seems to echo Guy Debord's lessons and perspective.