Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Randal Collier-Ford
Title: The Architects
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
As usual for Cryo Chamber, the linear notes are spartan enough to let the listener without a clear point of view for the first listen. This attitude is a virtue as it let a reviewer free to impose his view on the release. However a phrase like 'an original take on Drone vs Sound Design' could be a start for a reflection on how drone is, perhaps improperly, considered as opposite to Sound Design in terms of apparent complexity.
A balance between drone and noise is the basic concept behind 'A New Age' and the result is closer to a band like Sunn O))) than any dark ambient band. 'Construction of a Demon' focuses, in the first part, of careful sound construction and, in the second part, in the impact of the evocative noises. 'Eye of the Watchers' is based on the development of a bunch of drones while 'The Return' return of the form of the first track using the same heavy bass sample characterizing the development of the track and revealing the unity of the composition of the album. 'Grave of the Chariots' marks the beginning of the second half of this release focusing on the juxtaposition of small sounds creating an athmosphere rather than exposing a form and 'Hellgate', as 'Cove of the Architects', further develop this plan as they are slight variation of the structure of the base track. 'Void' closes this release depicting an evocative soundscape made out of samples carefully treated.
This is an album that marks a small departure in the catalogue of this label as it's closer to doom metal's territories than the latest releases of this label. It's really worth a listen.