Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: I.corax
Title: From gOLDem Flesh To Silverb ONE
Format: CD
Label: Aural Hypnox (@)
Rated: *****
I spoke about the recent reissue of the two parts of "The Cadaver Pulse" and "Kuilu", the first live performance of the obscure output by Anti Haapapuro and Jaakko Vanhala, by Aural Hypnox and in order to complete the cycle of former I.Corax stuff that appeared on very limited edition on their imprint Blue Sector, the label which is the voice of the Helixes collective re-released "From gOLDem Flesh To Silverb ONE" through the Stellar Mansion series. Entirely live recorded in studio during the preparation of the live performance with Karjalan Sissit who took place at the celebration for the fifth year of Kuollen Musiikin Yhdistys by the Dead Music Association in Turku, Finland, the album is maybe the one where some similarities with German black ambient quite known project Inade are clearer, but besides any possible stylistical matching, the hypnotical drones that I.corax usually built by means of a combination of heavily processed field recordings, analogue synths and somewhat disquieting and ghastly sounds of horns they made from animal bones, bowed instruments and occasional human whispers and words are clearly discernable. The breathtaking sonic journey where the urgency of the first untitled track, which could let you feel the fevered tension of an hopeless escape from harassing invisible entities, gradually turn paler and paler over stifling entrapping synths, natural swarming which could let you feel you're getting raped by invisible insects or birds, incomprehensible verbal warning, which sounds like whispered by likewise invisible entities behind listene's neck, sinister clinks, dazzling frequencies and a contnued mystical tension. Just 500 available copies.