Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Great Waitress (@)
Title: Flock
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
A sort of nightmarish sleepwalking that sound like tunneling by means of feeble whistles, sinister squeaking and frequencies which seems to dig metallic surfaces and gettting more and more amplified during their tortuous journey in the matter opens the interesting listening experience, which got painstakingly offered by Great Waitress, a trio of female improvisors consisting of Laura Altman (clarinet), Monica Brooks (accordion) and Magda Mayas (prepared piano), an ensemble of women - a rather unusual line-up in this field of music - that built two long-lasting tracks where they cross a wide set of extended techniques, bizarre dynamics and oblique sonic transitions in the beginning of 2013 in two different locations in Sidney. The first track, "Rite", that reaches more and more piercing sonorities and almost stunning minute hypnotic sonic fracking from the above-described tuning where amplification and impressive reverberations played an important role, got recorded by Jon Hunter at Paddington Uniting Church in January 2013, while the second track "Sownder", whose cavernous beginning let listeners figure out the quaking ways these performers follow to harmonize themselves as well as the disorienting oscillations that seal their perpetual tuning little by little, got recorded by Jim Denley at Glebe Cafe Church in February 2013. You are going to get easily ear-humped by this great waitress...