Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: [.que] (@)
Title: Water's Edge
Format: CD
Label: Schole (@)
Rated: *****
The young Japanese musician Nao Kakimoto offers an emotional journey into his native hometown on the occasion of the fourth release under this moniker (the second one on Akira Kosemura's label Schole) and the way by which he combines acostic instruments, delicate electronic textures and untreated field recordings he grabbed in its surrounding or in places which have some personal importance for Nao such as Uchizuma Beach in Tokushima Prefecture, the port of Shodo island in Kagawa Prefecture or the reconstruction of a piano performance he made at Miyoshi-Hyakunenkura in Tokushima when he visited that place for a public performance on the track "Homeward" is simply mesmerizing. The meeting of tenderly nostalgic memories, a rich palette of musical suave tingling which got carefully built on piano, guitar and melodica and aquatic element, which is a sort of soothing permanent presence in this sonic keepsake got harmoniously assembled over piano-driven reveries ("Summer Memory"), joyful rhythmical patterns ("Departure", "After Sunset"), airy melancholic glows ("Halfway", undoubtedly my favorite track of the release), sweet tonal embroidery where musical waves more clearly seems to mirror the waves on water's edge ("Wave", "Clear Wave"), more conventional folktronica episodes ("Homeward") till the final daydreaming au-revoir of "See You". That's a good way to spent more than half an hour of somehow pristine listening pleasure.