Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Enter
Format: CD
Label: Unschooled records (@)
An IT expert, a senior executive of various networking companies and a speaker and author on several aspects of the integration of technology and society; it's not a trick question, but the background of Howard Hecht, who after a life of doing all of the above has established a record label called Unschooled records and based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. "Enter" is the first release and a sampler of what is about to come, but it also represents a chance to put together some 12 talents from 5 countries and take a snapshot of what is happening in the world of experimental avant-garde found-sound glitch-music sonics. It really sounds like a sampler from Mute with some incursions from the people at Staalplaat but I'll let you decide when you dive in the wonderfully fancy world of "Enter". Much talked about American Aphex sounding "Doofgoblin" open the compilation with their track "Frazed" and soon Canadian Decomposure take over with their hot music made uniquely from sounds of wooden matches burning, scratchihg, falling etc (there's some real genius and sound manipulation chops there!). Other projects that will see the light on Unschooled quite soon include Howard's own project 1st Class Lounge and Scottish Plan 29. Also Canadian Cloudscapes (with their glitchy guitar muzak); American Shank (with their deep hammering power-electro industrial track), Carbon Based Life Form, Sonic Wallpaper (Boards of Canada meet Autechre), Mercurial (more dreamy ambient that meets franticly light beats and rave sounds), (Lost Within the Curves) Turbogeek (with their early morning spinning and syncopated tablas-enriched freak-jungle track) and Natu Visu (with their droning re-processed field recordings); Dutch Naton Rozenburg (with his minimal cheap-synth generated sleepy ambient textures) and A Bit Crusher (with their fantasticly frenetic Aphex Twin inspired anarco-drunk drum'n'bass) and last but not least British Powdermonkey (with their proto-drum'n'bass with more bass than drum) all contribute their crazy sounds to a compilation that has more than one memorable moment and certainly brings along high hopes for this label.