Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: Ambient Mechanics
Title: War & Peace
Format: CD
Label: Uncoiled Loops (@)
Rated: *****
Opening a release which is going to depict a nightmare like second world war by a Tangerine Dream-like suite could seem a contradiction in terms, but the title of the first song of this album, "Calm Before The Storm", by Daniel Corkery, which has been posted to me together with other releases by Uncoiled Loops, clarifies the seemignly peaceful preface as some distant peel of thunder, which will become more audible on the following tack "A Call To Arms", begins to shake the sonci sphere. I can guess that the choice of wrappig sonic hints to the elements of that obscure moment of human history (the sound of a submarine sonar on "Beneath The Waves", the voice of survivors that he inserted on "Nagasaki" and "Hiroshima", death knells on "Tribute" and some sinister or sad deviation of clean frequencies David inoculated into his compositions) as well as some emotional tunes and angelic choirs which sometimes get close to t Vangelis' sonorities for Blade Runner OST on tracks like "Nagasaki", "Going Home" or the entrancing final "Particles In Time", could be linked both to the memory of David's father and to his invitation to reflect about the consequences of war on people's lives and all those ones who gave their life in order to turn the world into a better place in their better intentions. Many moments of the album are maybe not so orginal from the strictly stylistical viewpoint, but the excellent sound design by David makes this listening experience he rendered quite pleasant.


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