Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Echoes In the Dark: Bleu Days

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Artist: Echoes In the Dark (@)
Title: Bleu Days
Format: Tape
Label: self-released
You gotta give this guy credit for how pro-active he is. Birmingham-based Donovan Tate writes about electronic music, gothic and some hip hop for B*live newsletter and LoMo Magazine and has now decided to produce some of his very own stuff together with his sister Demetra. Unfortunately the result is not as good as his intentions and his dedication to music. Besides a bad final mix that puts way too much weight on vocals and keeps the music in the background, the music is thin and lacks of personality. The rhythmical structures are minimal, almost absent, and the amateur sounds are those of who just discovered a synth and wants to use them all, no matter how good they are and how well they match. Unfortunately, as much as I try, unless I were to lie to our readers, I can't even tell you that he sings well (altough his sister definitely does a better job). The demo tape comes with a well printed color cover and features fifteen songs with explicit lyrics about love, passion, anti-abortion etc. Maybe it's because I am not into synthpop too much, maybe I didn't catch the true meaning and spirit if Echoes in the Dark, but I think it is imperative that, within the subjectiveness of a review, we as writers stay true to our readers.