Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Artist: Lawrence English + Werner Dafeldecker (@)
Title: Shadow Of The Monolith
Format: 12"
Label: Holotype Editions (@)
Rated: *****
Lawrence English, who recently told some adventurous details about this release, and Werner Dafeldecker, who came back after a period of fallowing, joined their interest in the combination of electroacoustic and acousmatic techniques in order to lead listeners to explore some sonic crannies in Antarctic Peninsula, a place which most of people won't visit every day, by means of a paraphernalia of hydrophones, aerial and contact microphones. The recordings they collected while staying in those regions got later reassembled in Brisbane and turned into a soundscape, where the almost total absence of human elements matches the somehow dashing desolation of the most inhospitable place for human settlements on our planet, which nevertheless keeps on inspire many musicians and sound artists. Since the opening track "Fathom Flutter", where you could imagine that these artists managed to ignite ice blocks while listening the frozen crackling over the first five minutes of this polar scanning, the listening experience on "Shadow Of The Monolith" is so weirding that even the occasional clues of human activity on tracks like "Marambio" that they supposedly grabbed inside the Argentinian Antarctic base, or "Fall", where they seems to have taken the noises from attempts of anchorage of underwater probes, as well as the coring out of glacial gusts of wind in "Mapping Peaks" and frozen waters of "Rio Gallegos" seem to belong to other worlds and such a sense of immersive estrangement got reflected in the only two "musical" tracks, "Intake" and "Outtake", where Lawrence and Werner hybernated abstract chimes that brush against deafening silence.


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