Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Velvet Vimoz: Boy

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Artist: Velvet Vimoz
Title: Boy
Format: CD EP
Label: Audio Assembly Productions (@)
Velvet Vimoz is: Alpha B-voice; DLB-voice; and MBJ-electronics. This New Jersey trio produced a six tracks dance vibe cd ep. "Boy," which is the cd title and single kicks off. This track reminds me of Orbital. Fast techno beat with synths playing happy poppy melodies. The disc includes a music video of the single also. Next two tracks "Girl" and "Kids" both have the same music with samples. Now "Kids" do have a another sample which does not appear in the track before it. The trancy "Vienna Sky", "Moz Trance" and "Nine9" will take you on a journey with it's thriving keen beats that's unstoppable. As listening to "Moz Trance", I heard a sample of ex-porno star Traci Lords "Fallen Angel" from her 1994 "1000 Fire." "Boy" is a danceable ep album which is more appropriate for a rave and club party that'll keep you coming back for more. 10 stars.


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