Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Artist: vhr-1.7 (@)
Title: lost angle
Format: CD
Label: Eilean (@)
Rated: *****
The entrancing excursion of "Lake Side" where the warm melodies that will swathe listeners on the following "Lost Angle" glimmer introduces this fascinating ambient journey (the 83rd point on the 100-points map of Eilean record label) that Japanese sound-designer Kei Komatsu undertakes on his project VHR 1.7 which overlaps granular synthesis, processed field recordings and brilliant acoustic textures. The lukewarm embrace of the title track definitively tunes listeners to a lovely reverie that carries on the electric breezes where sonic grains occasionally seems to collide with the thick sonic gel that imbues "Meon", whose final bloating low frequency sets the stage for the magnetic permeating dronescape of the following "Occasion", the ephemeral return to an opaque clarity on "Kalon" where the reprise of processed guitar-evoked languor of the title track strikes melancholic chords over a moor of distant traffic sounds in a rainy day as if Kei tried to render the recent halcyon moments, whose emotional fragrances begins to seep in the twinkling piano of the clanking echoes of ordinary life on "Tope" and the taut billows of blurred human voices, boiling pulses and electronic stabs on "Para" before getting lush on the flooding saccharin vacuum on the synth-driven finale of "Meoncentric Theory".


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