Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Datashock (@)
Title: Keine Oase In Sicht
Format: 2 x 12" vinyl
Label: Dekorder
Rated: *****
Once upon a time, there was a mysterious anchorite whose spirit took possession of music after necromantic chemical evocations although his body lied seemingly motionless in the middle of the desert, but a group of "young punks pretending to be old hippies", as Dekorder defined Datashock, decided to sleuth him by sifting those desert lands and even the spiritually figurative ones that our "civilized" world constantly provides and generates. That's how a fable about the interesting direction that this leaderless collective gave to its musical research could begin. All those listeners who say that once fire becomes ash, it cannot be re-lit, could be belied as they could get a glimpse of unforgotten pioneers of psychedelic prog-rock and astral bodies of cosmic knights and krautrockers - Amon Duul, Popul Vuh, but laso some mystical stuff from Delerium Records could resurface from the depths of your musical memory - into the mystical bonfires they lighted over the eleven stages of this musical journey, even if the distinctive trait of Datashock sound is the dilution of notorious long-lasting rides so that notwithstanding the stylistical territories their wandering over "Saarvannah", a wise combination between the name of the most known desert of the planet, Savannah, and the name of the well-known German industrial district, Saar, which highlights the topicality of the association between evoked desert lands and the cultural and spiritual desertification as well as the mirages which got accelerated by moribund capitalism, they wisely dissolved elements into a variegated pot-pourri whose fragrances (from the more "totemic" moments like "Tod in der Saarvanne" or the opening "Mudschahidin der Liebe" to the electronic glimmering coiling or levelling of "Fanta Morgana" or "Desert Lustgerte, Goldnougat Gobi", from the improv-oriented eruptions of "Ekstase der Wahrheit" to the oxidations of above-mentioned mystical prog-rock stuff on tracks like "Rubinregen aus der spirituellen Sphaere" or "Der verschleierte Helm des Pharaooze") uniforms with the manifest final possible destinations: the mecca of magical melodies, the shrines of mind-expanding sounds, the sanctuary of musical friendship and the Dyonisian temples of love and excess so that it's not a real problem if any oasis (or dead anchorites) are in sight!