Saturday, June 6, 2020
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((PRESSURES)) / Roladex: Split 7"

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Artist: ((PRESSURES)) / Roladex
Title: Split 7"
Format: 7"
Label: Medical Records (@)
Rated: *****
Produced by Medical Records and Disko Obscura Records this new 7" is a double A Side single which has on one side ((PRESSURES)) and on the other Roladex. Coming from New Orleans ((PRESSURES)) have an LP out on Disko Obscura entitled 'Casting Shadows'. Their track "The Voices" is a good tune of electronic synth wave with fast paced rhythms and vocoder filtered vocals. Simplicity is the way to go but there's a good mix of analog synth sounds that make of it a nice one. Roladex, after their first album 'Anthems For the Micro-Age', always on Medical Records, sound a bit more melancholic because of how they use the girl/boy vocals but also their track 'Glass Statuette' sound catchy thanks to pop hooks and nice arpeggios. Of this track a vhs lo-fi style video has been produced and I think it will be soon available on Youtube. The 7" is pressed on high quality transparent yellow vinyl and will be available on September.