Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Italian Resonances | Dronegazers?
Format: CD
Label: Oak Editions (@)
Rated: *****
This release is a project by Fabrizio Garau, the mind behind "the New Noise" webzine, aiming to create a guide to italian drone music. However, this term is to be intended loosely, as this release, fortunately, is focused on path closer to experimental and electroacoustic paths than classic ones.
The quiet soundscape of "Descending", a track by Enrico Coniglio, opens this release suddenly developing with sustained guitar notes and resonances. The next track, from Alberto Boccardi, "Far Light", starts with approximately thirty seconds of silence until a small noise enters and the track unfolds with layers of small noisy loops and, in the last parts, they fades in favour of a quiet drone. The next artists are Easychord with "Fear Of Tunnels", an almost canonical dark ambient track, and Attilio Novellino, with "Litost", with a track closer to "Descending", as it's focused on guitar lines, but quieter and with a subtler sense for nuances. Cristiano Deison, with "No One Will Listen, But You'¦", orchestrates a colourful track that uses a wider sound spectrum. "On", a Giulio Aldinucci's track, is based upon a drone juxtaposed upon a sort of field recording and ends with an almost religious organ tune. "Pilgrim", by Francesco Giannico, is perhaps the most gentle and layered track of this relase. All this artists, under the name Dronegazers collective, close this with "Anner II" an evocative dark ambient track where the resonances constructing the drone evolve until the inevitable fading.
Perhaps this release is less wide than conceived but could be a good introduction to this scene and is a statement that it deserves more press coverage that it has. It's worth a listen.