Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: Richard Glover (@)
Title: Logical Harmonies
Format: CD
Label: Another Timbre (@)
Rated: *****
Even if it got delivered by CeReNeM - acronym of Centre for Research in New Music,an international group of academics, sound artists, postgraduate students as well as some funded research and honorary fellows of University of Huddersfield - some months after its official release date in November 2013, this collection of seven pieces by UK young composer Richard Glover is an interesting assay of so-called process music, whose illusory simplicity and instrumental naivete' fed the synonymy with minimalism. Most "algorithms" inspect the alterations of harmony by focusing on a few variable elements and just one constant element of the composition, where listeners could vividly perceive a strange encountering between catharsis and decay besides correlation coefficients and logical-mathematical sets: for instance, harmony itself seems to wither over the six minutes of "Beatings In A Linear Process", where the consonance of clarinet, cello and violin is just an illusion as when two of the three instruments seem to reach the same pitch, one of them fades out; the variable proportionality between silent breaks and single tonal trails from cello, clarinet and piano on "Cello With Clarinet and Piano" could let you imagine the signals from an invisible ship in the middle of a nocturnal ocean; the slight tonal variations on Philip Thomas' piano-driven opening first part and final final part of "Logical Harmonies" could be the perfect soundtrack of time lapse photographic selfies which renders the process of ageing, while "Imperfect Harmony" which features Dominic Lash on double bass sounds like the iconic piece of the specific idea of harmony by Richard, where the somehow frigid implementation of logical processes to composition doesn't taint its capability of speaking to other spheres of human perception.