Monday, September 28, 2020
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Kline Coma Xero: s/t

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Artist: Kline Coma Xero (@)
Title: s/t
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Medical Records
Rated: *****
Kline Coma Xero is the solo project of Tony Williams, who is member of the IDM project DRIL. This is a debut (self-titled) album produced by Medical Records, and it comes in a LP format. The project is influenced by very early industrial music, a certain kind of EBM and minimal synth/wave. One can clearly distinguish markers that date back to artists such as Front 242, Cabaret Voltaire, early Depeche Mode and Club Moral. Lyrical contents are inspired by Ballard. As music composition and instrumentation are concerned, Kline Come Xero has a peculiar philosophy. Tony Williams employs only analog synths, hardware drum-machines and hardware sequencers. Tony Williams explicitly doesn't follow the trend of contemporary electronics music that is based (especially in amateur projects) on computers, virtual synth and digital instruments in general. The quality of sounds is amazing. Tony Williams wisely manages all the knobs of his synths and he is particularly skillful in arranging layers of sounds. He is most of the time able to build a hierarchy of sounds in which all the important parts can be clearly distinguished: bass lines, leads, pads. Voices are mostly monotones but they are equalized according to the specific 'sound environment'. For instance in the first track Left Behind the voice plays a pivotal role and it is put into the foreground, whereas in Silent Call the voice is wisely lost into a layer of reverb, following the whole trend of the song. While some songs are minimal, others are more elaborated without being 'baroque'. An example is Mannequins, which hosts an interesting and complex melody. The best song of the album is by no means Darkroom in which all the layers are organized professionally. The only flaws of the album are the instrumental songs (quite useless and meaningless to tell the truth) and the rhythmic sections that sometimes (see Rewind and Photo Falling) are a little bit boring and not properly tailored to the songs. Despite these negative aspects, the debut album of Kline Come Xero is overall pretty good. I'm sure that the project has a shining future.


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