Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Drvg Cvltvre (@)
Title: American Psychosis (part one)
Format: 12"
Label: Shipwrec
Distributor: Clone
Rated: *****
Money management, media-driven mass manipulation, marketing could be considered the bedrock of contemporary socio-political and economical established "democratic" or "M-authoritarian" system as many people have already understood without getting high-brows. Once upon a time, some producers, who crossed techno zone and its neighborhood (I could mention Test Dept, Black Lung and many others), tried to translate their sonic outputs towards the building of such an awareness, but the massive media campaign, intended to demonise some kind of styles by means of the matching with drug abuse, reprobation and any possible kind of anomaly, quenched many pressure points. This poisoned drop by Vincent Koreman, a veteran of Dutch electronic scene - I still remember many of his releases on KK and Mighty Robot Recordings in the guise of RaX -, could bring you back to that interesting stage of 90ies techno, where some grey visions and technocratic paranoia (just another label/negative undertone...) from industrial scene got poured into basslines and drum machines like the glorious 303, the most audible entity in Drvg Cvltvre's sound, that managed to render this kind of IR-lighted dark adaptation to such an obscure perception of civilization. The first part of "American Psychosis" got ignited by "Acid Flash" - an eloquent way to describe what you are going to listen -, a collaborative track with Bournmouth's Chris Moss Acid, but what Shipwrec wisely calls Orwellian electronics reaches its acme on the gloomy sonorities and male voice, who ominuously repeats the title of the B-sided track "I'll Wear Your Face On A Chain".