Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Artist: Bardoseneticcube (@)
Title: Game Over?
Format: CD
Label: Deserted Factory
Rated: *****
On his website, Bardoseneticcube declares, 'The project members professionally and with dilettantish persistence extract sounds from everything that can sound: computers and contact mics, ethnic instruments and electronic processing, water and field recordings, all this happens during conducting pseudo-magickal rituals and materializes in surreal sonic pictures which don't have any relation to music, both in ordinary and "not ordinary" meaning of this term. Or maybe they are just pulling your legs...' This is considerably different, stylistically, from the other album that I received in the same package (Ambiwax). Where 'Ambiwax' was a bit more noisy, experimental, and playful, 'Game Over?' is more foreboding and well within the tradition of Russian dark ambient. We open with spoken word that I can't understand (not sure what the language is) which is slowly joined with some droning background music. This formula of spoken word and heavy, dark drone will persist throughout the album to excellent effect. Sometimes it doesn't work as well, however. Much of track 4, for example, becomes an oppressive experiment in repetition. But when it's good it's very good. Track 5, for example, is a great example of slow moving drone with just a hint of voices that continues to shift and change over time, giving it a dreamlike quality. Track 7 features snippets of cut up backward speech and Gregorian chanting over a slowly pounding bass drum and drone. This is the soundtrack to the ritual scene before everything goes crazy. Overall this is well done dark ambient soundscape. Well worth checking out. This album weighs in at around 65 minutes.


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