Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Artist: Gushing Cloud (@)
Title: Beat Wings in Vain
Format: CD
Label: Intangible Cat (@)
Rated: *****
The individual behind Gushing Cloud is Chicago based musician Cory Bengtsen (stage name: Gus Kumo). Bengtsen has also worked with Amalgamated and Rebekah's Tape and plays baritone saxophonist in the avant-prog-rock group Lovely Little Girls. I very much enjoyed the other album from this label (Dog Hallucination), so I was interested to see how this fit in with the label's roster. The opening track is like finding long lost instrumental tapes of late 1980's era Cure ' just a touch of psychedelic poppiness. 'Witness' keeps the weirdness going but gets a bit more mellow. As I continued through this disc, I couldn't help wondering if Bengtsen is a big Legendary Pink Dots fans, because I would be surprised if they weren't an influence. I could definitely see Gushing cloud on tour with them. Still, it is clear that Gushing Cloud has its own sound, as evidenced in the relentless march that is 'Return to Hunger' as saxophone and analogue synth merge with pulsing beats. Others, like 'Gesturing Stream' are soothing and melodic. Overall, this is really well put together jazzy instrumentals that make for some pleasant listening. This album weighs in at around 54 minutes.


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