Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Title: Vizmilieu
Format: CD
Label: DTA Records (@)
Andrey Kiritchenko is a gifted and rather prolific Ukrainian composer who's put his country back on the map in the experimental electronics field with the activity of his own label Nexsound and, obviously, his releases for appreciated underground labels like Ad Noiseam, Soulworm, Autoplate and, this time, DTA. While releases under his own name delve into the glitch/click'n'cuts sound, Nihil Est Excellence is a weirder, more disturbing creature. "All sound sources recorded with a microphone", but the creepy layout, merging abstract numeric sequences and an underwater larva, gives a more correct idea of what to expect from "Vizmilieu". The expressionistic, non-descriptive use of manipulated field recordings could be loosely associated to López's or Hudak's reasearches, but Kiritchenko's approach is absolutely personal and unique - sound sources are mangled into layers of droning frequencies, soft falls of ashes and echoes, rubbles and scratches. The result is frankly bewildering: these sounds could equally come from a wood, a hospital machinery or a storm of solar winds. Far from being a report of a phenomenon whatsoever, NEX's alien constructions aim to build a world of their own. At times it's like having that larva stuck in your ear, digesting sound before letting it ooze into your eardrum. A strong exercise of discipline and invention; I'm now looking forward to hearing the upcoming collaboration with Francisco López, the meeting of such talents must be no less than fascinating.


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