Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Artist: Laurent Perrier (@)
Title: Plateforme #1
Format: CD
Label: Baskaru (@)
Rated: *****
The ability of a chef consists in making some palatable course from any kind of available ingredient. You have just to change sensorial channel (auditory nerves and eardrums rather than taste buds) in order to have an idea of what renowned French electronic musician and collagist Laurent Perrier, the man behind one of my favourite French electronic acts Zonk't, made on this release, where the providers of aleatory units of these sonic recipes are the German outlandish electronic composer Felix Kubin, the esteemed Italian sound artist Gianluca "Kinetix" Becuzzi and the Australian media-artist and composer Lawrence English. Even if I can't say this kind of experiment where electronic composition sounds more like an assemblage of tiles of known origin is totally new, Laurent Perrier let leak the source so that I'm pretty sure that all those listeners who know involved seeders would easily match each track to them. The first track got fed by Felix Kubin, whose anarchical "concretist" outspurts are listenable in the sequence of pointy saturations, flickering gurgles and nervous abrasions by Laurent, which could be suitable as a possible soundtrack for a reprise of Lynch's "Inland Empire", while the second track sinks to the bottom of the trench, which got evoked by icy sonic depressurization and minimal opalescence by Gianluca Becuzzi, and the intriguing organic textures by Lawrence English on the third collage sound like getting pulverized and sprinkled over nebulous ellipsis.


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