Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Artist: Reinhold Friedl/Franck Vigroux
Title: Tobel
Format: CD
Label: Alamuse (@)
Rated: *****
Premiered at NK Berlin and at Anis Gras le lieu de l'autre and re-recorded in Luc Ferrari's studios La Muse en Circuit, National centre of musical creation, in Paris, "Tobel" is the first collaborative recording by German experimental pianist Reinhold Friedl, also known as Zeitkratzer, whose name appeared on our space on the occasion of another collaborative project, P.O.P, together with Denseland's bassist Hannes Strobl, and French avant-arde electronic musician and guitarist Franck Vigroux. They let meet their different sonic languages - Franck's eectronics and tape recorders and Reinhold's acoustic instrument and prepared piano techniques - in an imaginary ravine ("Tobel" is the French word for this small valleys caused by streamcutting erosion), which got rendered by sudden uproaring crashes, uneven electric gales and claps of thunder on almost thready ultrasonic drones, screaming metals and menacingly rasping undercurrents. Even if such a collision could sometimes five rise to stifling and harsh sonorities, "Tobel" is a really adventurous listening experience.


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