Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Artist: Ulli Bomans
Title: Riven
Format: CD
Label: Shitkatapult
Rated: *****
Already active with Schieres and Shrubbn!! (along with Marco Haas of T.Raumschmiere) of which I reviewed their first album "Echos" a couple of years ago Ulli Bomans is now releasing for Shitkatapult his first solo album "Riven". Mainly active as visual artist in Hamburg and Bremen, Ully's work is based on large-scale collages of urban landscapes, principally and the cover of the album is an example of that. His approach to visual and musical arts are pretty similar as he mix different elements giving them a new feeling. About music, if you already checked the Shrubbn!! album, on this one, he takes the noise elements of that one and put them under a dance-floor lens re-processing the sound. The album opens with the mid tempo of "So What?" where a slow synth melodic arpeggio is playing upon layers of little synth noises which, added, form a rhythmically rich texture. "Missing Ships" sounds like a dream in reverse and little by little the tracks become more upbeat and dance-floor friendly. "Barbara" sounds like a dub track with de-constructed melodies. "$55", is kinda minimal and it's based on noise echoes, rhythms and reverbs. With "Dirty Yoga", Ulli, throw in a great dance-floor techno killer with in levare rhythms which grows little by little. "Spoilpark", which is also the title of his last exhibition, moves its sound on a same field, made of techno intuitions, rich sound palette made of synth melodies, clanging noises, fat bass lines and a rich 4/4 rhythmical texture. "On Mars" closes the album and it's another good throbbing techno killer (if you checked the VCMG album, you can have pretty much the idea of what I mean). Check it here: http://www.shitkatapult.com/artist/ulli-bomans


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