Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: Kosuke Anamizo (@)
Title: Ghost Story
Format: CD
Label: n5MD (@)
'Ghost Story' is the latest CD of ambient music by Kosuke Anamizo, released on the n5md Music label in November of 2013. Tokyo-based Anamizo has also recorded under the name Moshimoss and according to the liner notes '...this new project focuses on larger scale atmosphere which is met with hypnotically twisted dub techno beat work, hazy guitars and looped, yet sullen vocals...' 'Ghost Story' is definitely showcase for the ability of Anamizo to create an effective ambient atmosphere. These are variously fashioned from voices, as in 'Snow Leopard' and 'Alter Ego' or from the hazy guitar sounds of 'Departures' and also from keyboard as in 'Predawn'. Most of these pieces follow a similar pattern: an ambient wash is built up from voices, guitars or keyboards, typically with a low roar underneath. About halfway in, a strong percussive back beat appears and this continues, eventually giving way to the ambient sounds again as the track concludes. The presence of the percussion sections do offer contrast, and will be a familiar focus for the listener, but the tracks of 'Ghost Story' would likely be stronger without them. All of the opening ambient constructions are solid enough on their own to sustain interest throughout the entire piece. 'Cliff Edge Ghost' is perhaps the strongest track on this CD for just this reason. The opening roar effectively evokes the feeling of standing on some high cliff with a strong wind coming from a deep canyon below. A wash of ghostly voices is heard adding to the serene feeling, and the swelling volume gives the sense of a rising wind. The percussion in 'Cliff Edge Ghost' is less pronounced than in the other tracks and has an organic feel, as if it is part of the landscape. The varying dynamics in this piece provide a convincing sense of soaring high above a cliff on strong winds. 'Departures', the last track on the CD is another strong piece. Broad, warm sounds under-gird three repeating tones in the guitar that are soon joined by voices. This combination nicely evokes sense of leaving and farewell. 'Departures' is a lovely ambient wash and leaves the listener with a sense of sweet sadness. The mix and sound engineering on this CD is also well done. If you like ambient music infused by strong imagination, a bit of mystery and a solid back beat, 'Ghost Story' by Kosuke Anamizo is for you.


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