Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Music Reviews

LILAC AMBUSH: Breathe Deep

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Artist: LILAC AMBUSH (@)
Title: Breathe Deep
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Twisted Spinach
Lilac Ambush is a duo coming from Gluchester, Massachusetts and BREATHE DEEP is their second E.P. containing four tracks and two radio edit versions of "Breathe Deep" and "One Reason". They name their music dark pop and even if they have got goth and new wave influences I think they did a good thing by categorizing it that way. This because the four track have got good melodic parts and each songs' refrain has got something original that you can remember easily and even humming, but the main thing is that they are original. Something that too many goth bands tend to forget easily... After the first listening you'll find yourself listening again songs like "One Reason" or "Masquerade". If you love dark sounds and melodies you can get this one for 5 bucks only. Contact them...

VLE: Book Of Illusions I & II

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Artist: VLE (@)
Title: Book Of Illusions I & II
Format: CD
Label: Self Released
Well, it's difficult to put these two CDs under a category, because I really should put them under ambient experimental and under industrial metal because of the kinda metal songs like "Freedom To Fly" (which remember some solutions used by our old friend Paul Chain) or "Timeless". Fortunately the work of the one man band that hides behid the name of VLE is more multifaceted that a mere classification. Tracks like "3 in 5" or "Stark" of the first Chapter of the BOOK OF ILLUSIONS and the other nine new tracks of the second Chapter (nine because the first one is, as on the first part, "Kano") are intimate composition with classical instrument sounds along with synth pads. The atmospheres create on both the kind of tracks (metal and dark ambient) is intriguing and even if sometimes the drum seems to miss a beat VLE is capable of catch the attention with a good work permeated of mistery and mysticism. At his website you can listen to his work: try it!

Illumina: Chameleon

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Artist: Illumina (@)
Title: Chameleon
Format: CD
Label: Nightbreed (@)
Distributor: Plastic Head Music Distribution
Nightbreed records continue to appeal to an apparently huge following of electro-goth/darkwave. Illumina's record is not too far from the other releases on this label, in fact "Chameleon" is 11 tracks of melodic singing, electronic structures and darkwave feel. The m/f British duo sings about idols, images and feelings inspired by literature, history, mythology, art and technology. The sound is pretty old and the singing is not always perfectly in tune, but I am sure that me being so picky or maybe too technical and my personal taste for more modern sounding music streams will not represent an obstacle to all those English and European kids out there who love to go back in their minds while looking at the past through an electronic lens.

Phil Von & the Gnawa Musicians of Fes: L'autre Nuit

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Artist: Phil Von & the Gnawa Musicians of Fes (@)
Title: L'autre Nuit
Format: CD
Label: Lytch (@)
Distributor: Prikosnovenie
The ever creative Phil Von (Von Magnet) teams up with Morocco's Gnawa Musicians of Fes and layed down 8 tracks of ethno-ritual-trance at its best that reminds of the Atlas Project sound. To create ethno transe that ain't boring when you ain't in no trance is no easy task my friend, but that is where these guys succeed brilliantly, in fact this turns into an exciting trip into the far lands of Morocco, where street sounds, field recordings, traditional instruments and an overall southern/eastern vibe meet the occidental grooves of electronica, the deep groaning sounds of trance-inducing monk-like whisperings and stuff like that... A great stereo imaging work and an amazing beat structure helps "l'Autre Nuit" (on Prikosnovenie's ambient-ethnica sub-label Lytch) become a truly great experience. Tracks like "Transe Incolore" are beautiful and enchanting.
By looking at the booklet and in-lay card's pictures I can tell that it must be an outer-body experience to actually go to a concert of this group, as they seem to achieve a calm meditative set up with minimal but interesting lighting and with films projected on the walls behind them...

GOR: Ialdabaoth

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Artist: GOR (@)
Title: Ialdabaoth
Format: CD
Label: Iris (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
The new album by italian Ataraxia percussionist Francesco Banchini, aka Gor, comes out on Iris recordings (which is french Prikosnovenie's subdivision for medieval music) as the second part of two years ago's "Bellum Gnosticorum". Other magazine are raving about this as a mixture of Rosa Crux, Virgin Prunes and Dead Can Dance, and I think I would like to add that his mono-tone linear and deep singing reminds of Italy-based C.S.I.'s singer Ferretti or italian underground folk singer-songwriter Leonardo Palmisano, aka Vania. Lyrics are mainly italian or latin. Musically dark and sombre, dominated by martial drumming, huge percussions (obviously!), ethnic influences, tribal vibes, gregorian chants and grand medieval music, this devil-goth CD will appeal to the darkest of you out there, those who like the most evil and deep material, those who like medieval music and maybe even those whose cup of tea is Cold Meat Industries' stuff.
Also distributed by Lowlands (Belgium), Target (Germany), YTT and Monitor (Japan).