Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Music Reviews

Daniele Brusaschetto: Bluviola

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Artist: Daniele Brusaschetto (@)
Title: Bluviola
Format: CD
Label: Radon Studio (@)
Distributor: Radon, Daniele Brusaschetto
Yo, watch out, the god of new italian industrial music with italian lyrics is back (I know he is laughing now): my young pal Daniele B. (sounds like a cheap rapper's name) is back with "Bluviola", follow up to the CD "Mamma Fottimi" and first release on a label other than his own one (ZZZ Prod.). Colorado's label Rodon Studio has apparently understood that this guy's up to something more that just screaming at people that they are shit (remember "sei una merda"? - by the way there's a new song now called "I love you all"), and thought well of putting out his new raging 9 tracks of material ranging from still moments of claustrophobic calm after (or before) the storm to violent and raw bursts of negative power, spoken by mean of distorted guitars, industrial sounds and other awful noises... I would say there is a more persistent use of guitars now, in their various forms and shapes, as a primary tool and instrument of atmosphere creation (harmonics, open chords, arpeggios, power chords, Whammy-pitched single notes, muted chords, you name it, he's got it...), and his very recognizable voice marks the path from disillusioning single-tone recital-like signing to screams of anger and love (check out how a bunch of overdubbed layers of his non-boring-bored singing-talk sound, even when he goes to some melodic back-lines). Also this record has drums, which definitely helps make everything even more powerful, dragging, chaotic and slamming. I dig his music a lot and I'm positive that if you give it a chance you'll be surprised. Don't be shy just 'cause he's Italian, this is good spent money and I admire Radon Studio's determination and attitude. Marco Milanesio (long-time electronic/industrial engineer from Northern Italy) was behind the console for this record and did a great job (I always thought that mixing and fucking with one of Daniele's records 's got to be a fun job ;-). As tense as it can go, he's got the gift and he's got it down all the way. The dude's freaking dope. Yes, I admit he's a good buddy, but he didn't pay for my good words, so get your ass off the chair and do what you are supposed to in the damn first place: catch him live (he plays all over the world) and buy his record before he's after you in your worst nightmares! He's out there! Watch your back (and protect your ears)!

Kirlian Camera: Absentee

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Artist: Kirlian Camera (@)
Title: Absentee
Format: CD EP
Label: Radio Luxor, January Zero Productions, E.N.D.E. (@)
The Kirlian Camera collective seems to be expanding well beyond the original nucleus of founding members Angelo Bergamini and Emilia Lo Jacono as a new important role seems to be covered by female singer and keyboardist Elena Fossi and other collaborations include Simon Balestrazzi, Gianluca Becuzzi (formerly with Limbo), Andrea Savelli and Paolo Varola (besides their long time engineer and friend Ivano Bizzi - whose efforts are now shared by Angelo himself). Their long existence doesn't seem to represent any obstacle at all when it comes to create new material and the new dancefloor-proof version of "Blue Room" (a song originally from the mid-eighties). New songs such as "Still Air" seem too to be using a lot more of the pounding beats that the body language folks love, but the martial treated vocals, the punching analog synths, the dominating electronics and the overall feel of increasing paranoia and suffocating claustrophobia is awesome. There's also room for breath ("Stele") or slow minimal but huge atmospheres ("Denied Sky", whose beginning beat made me think of Pink Floyd) or even totally beat-less songs ("Paan NB"). The kings of Italy's best martial industrial electronics returned, and I am so god damn happy about that ;-)

Glis: Extract (promo)

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Artist: Glis (@)
Title: Extract (promo)
Format: CD
Label: ADSR Musicwerks (@)
We received a four track advance promo as a preview of what american m/f duo Glis' next release "Extract" is going to sound like. The finished album will have nine tracks and will be released by Noxious Emotions' label ADSR (great band by the way, we haven't heard from them in a while!). If you're into old-style ebm with dance beatz this could be for you. A mixture of old-fashioned male treated vocals (and some occasional non-heavily treated melodic female vocal lines) that easily remind of the mittle-european school, synth lines and drum machine work that really brought me back, some spoken samples from movies and a more dancey approach to selection of keyboard sounds and beat peace... All in all, this could very well be a german product from the eighties, but probably has a better production and would be easier to find in a Dj's collection, even today. Danceable EBM for nostalgic but moving masses!

Controlled Bleeding: Can You smell the Rain between

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Artist: Controlled Bleeding (@)
Title: Can You smell the Rain between
Format: CD
Label: Tone Casualities (@)
Distributor: Tone Casualities, Pinnacle, Dark Vinyl
Here comes some weird uncontrolled freaky shit! If you think you're prepared, think again! After four years of silence (which is a word I'll never use again when speaking of Controlled Bleeding), Paul Lemos and Joe Papa are back with this new album that opens a new chapter in their evolution. Everything they had so far can probably be found in these fifteen tracks, in some odd way, buried by tons of other noises or clear and out there. Schizophrenia and obscurity alternate, so you won't have enough time to get into the dark moods of songs like "Poisoner pt3" before you're assaulted by the disorienting swing of the free-jazz "Schist" and then the total no-wave freakout improvisation of "Felch Space Scan" (with Ruins drummer Yoshida Tatsuya) and then brought back into the delayed watery honiric dub time of the title track. A highlighted use of electric bass, musique-concrete, experimental, classical, dark, avantgarde rock, free-jazz, no-wave are all mixed together to defy your expectations and remind you of Primus (the male nonsense vocal improvisations in "Felch Space Scan" and the electric bass in some songs remind of Les Claypool), John Zorn, Jacopo Andreini, Post Prandials, Maisie, Klimperei, Parts, Bz Bz Ueu and all these other bands from the no-wave scene. Also present is a Brian Eno cover of "Here Come the Warm Jets" and three bonus tracks after some silence (oooops, I said the s-word again!).

The Soil Bleeds Black: Quintessence

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Artist: The Soil Bleeds Black (@)
Title: Quintessence
Format: CD
Label: World Serpent (@)
Distributor: World Serpent
When you get something from the British consortium World Serpent you know what to expect, and expectations were met when I started spinning the fifth The Soil Bleeds Black album. Its name, "Quintessence", refers to the elements of earthe, air, fyre, water and essence, considered to be magical in medieval Europe. The five tracks (named after the five elements) present a band that has evolved from 1992 to these days, going from a synth-based trio trying to emulate antique sounds to a capable set of musicians who use different (male & female) chants and voices alongside with naturally sounding traditional instruments such as flutes, various types of percussions, and obviously acoustic guitars, which still give it that classical World Serpent apocalyptic folk vibe that we're used to. So there you have it, a mixture of medieval folk and pagan goth atmospheres, lush melancholy and decadent harmonies soaked in a noir beauty.