Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Frontal: Lass uns Tanzen

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Artist: Frontal (@)
Title: Lass uns Tanzen
Format: CD
Label: Records (@)
Rated: *****
Frontal is a German old-school EBM-duo consisting of Alex Wobig (Voice and Programming) and Denis Rehm (Live Drums) and they have been part of the flat-haired EBM-scene for several years now. After starting with a self-released album they could join the ranks of the legendary Electric Tremor label, while they now got signed to 'Lass uns Tanzen' is their 4th official album-release and this duo can be sorted musically into the same drawer like Der Prager Handgriff in their early years, meets Pouppee Fabrikk meets Jager 90. So you shouldn't be too much surprised if you'll get a pure, nostalgic and uncomplicated EBM-album with the typical straight kick- and snare-work, the monotonous synth-bass-sequences leading almost the whole music-outfit, plus the raging EBM-shouter with a deep timbre. All tracks are danceable produced with the expected 4-on-the-floor-attitude, so further musically surprises in their arrangements are reduced to a minimum. Almost all tracks provide German lyrics which deal with typical themes of the young 'get-hard-be-strong' EBM-youth like the mostly unsuccessfully hunt for girls, cars, beer, etc. One track finally breaks a bit out this known formula: 'i-Generation' offers more synth-pads thrown into the mix so that I tend to compliment this one out of the mass. Two remix contributions by Orange Sector and a complete reinterpretation by Jager 90 are closing this album, but both do not match the better original tracks. What generally impresses with Frontal is their pleasantly-relaxed expression of their music. They are far away from offering pseudo-aggressive shouts or nervousness in their arrangements. What disturbs is the fact that you shouldn't expect anything more demanding, be it innovation in their music or a lyrically content on more serious themes. It is ideal stuff to warm-up your next body-party, but it doesn't suit to every possibility as background noise.


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