Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: Jenx (@)
Title: Drift (by Lyynk)
Format: CD
Label: M-Tronic (@)
Rated: *****
French label M-Tronic has been always throughout the years a fine resource for demanding Experimental Electronica / IDM artists (Mlada Fronta, Black Lung, Millimetric, Ex-Tension, Dither, etc.), but a signing on a Metal-style related project surprises in the first instance. But no chance for the hairy headbangers, M-Tronic still stands faithful to their own created policy, because this album delivers music mostly far away from those genres. Jenx is a Metal-quintet and Lyynk one of their band members responsible for keyboards, synths and sound programming. He has picked up some tracks taken from the last Jenx-album 'Enuma Elish' and has created remixes and/or completely new interpretations. This results in 6 tunes in a more Electronica-based, more experimental kind of music. Already the more than 11 minutes long opening track 'Inner View' is an ideal example: from the depths of a Downtempo-, very Dark Ambient-like scenario to danceable Electronica to a raw Noise-climax - this track bends through all genres, surprises with unexpected breaks and scores spectacularly. With the second track 'The Flood (Dry Version)', this album then turns more to a real remix companion release to 'Enuma Elish' with some straight kick- and snare-work, various FX samples and also the raw voice of Jenx-frontman Xav. Jenx. The filmic impression returns with the last tune 'Renewal' and this one actually renews the depth of 'Inner View' and stands for a brilliant closure of this 6-tracker EP. 40 minutes playing time are to my personal taste a bit too short, but Mr. Lyynk proves his skillful talent on all tracks. It seems that a sound-designer in a Metal-related band can do much better things than switching some knobs to produce some background noises. The signing to M-Tronic is well deserved and much appreciated.


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