Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: Poemss
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Planet Mu (@)
Rated: *****
Even if some sonic glint vaguely keeps a certain percussive ruggedness and the cover artwork could be a reference to "Songs About My Cats", listeners who mainly know Aaron Funk and his hard-edged outputs in the guise of breakcore sorcerer Venetian Snares could be surprised by his epiphany on this collaborative project with Toronto-based producer and music artist Joanne Pollock. They mainly recorded and created the music of Poemss in Aaron's house in Winnipeg, but the dwelling of their music has no walls and nophysical location at all: according to their own words "this record seems less rooted in a particular place or time, and seems more to be born out of out thoughts, dreams, and reflections" as it's clear since the beginning when the hoarse voice by Aaron and the gently pitched one by Joanna sing about the "hair follicle of an ancient pony, who was once known to save the children in distress" on "Ancient Pony". A delicate and somewhat childish reverie drenches the first part of the record and reaches the top on the fluffy whispered lullaby "Bedtime", which follows "Heads on Heads" where their music sounds like bouncing between IDM and Human League-like synth-pop within a zero gravity nursery room. The bouffant synths of "Moviescape", one of the most cherubic moments of the album, vividly mark the doorway into Poemss daydream, which carries on proper musical pearls such as the lovely lasing into the ecstatic rapture of "Miles Away", the sweet duet of "Gentle Mirror", where you're not sure if Aaron and Joanne sings "I could be your lie" or "I could be your light" as if they rendered the intimate duplicity that got evoked by the title-track, the analogue edulcoration on "Think of somewhere Nice", the metronomic heartbeats and their knotting to dream states of astonishing songs like "Losing Meaning", Hall Of Faces" and the intense emotional warmth of the final track "Think of Something Beautiful". After this master stroke, which follows Heterotic, the project by label boss Mike Paradinas and his partner-in-life and partner-in-art Lara Rix-Martin, I could conjecture that Planet Mu proved the point that the combination of masculine and feminine musical souls and their reciprocal "levelling" can result into really good outputs.


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