Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: Emanuele de Raymondi (@)
Title: Ultimo Domicilio
Format: CD EP
Label: ZeroOKilled Music (@)
Distributor: Rough Trade
Rated: *****
Process scheduling of music market is sometimes unintelligible to me as the second release by Italian sound artist Emanuele de Raymondi arrived weeks after its release date. Anyway such a delay cannot prevent me from advise it after we appreciated his debut album "Buyukberber Variations" a couple of years ago, where he delvered some improvisations by Turkish clarinet virtuoso Oguz Buyukberger by discosing a remarkable "fluency" with different musical languages. On "Ultimo Domicilio" (Italian for "the Last Domicile"), Emanuele's sonic arts got interlaced with the photographic set by Lorenzo Castore, who developed the concept of individual and collective memory (or I'd rather say individual and collective oblivion...) by some snapshots taken inside 5 forgotten or abandoned domiciles in 5 different towns (Finale Ligure in Italy, Fontenay in France, Brooklyin, Sarajevo and Krakow). His pictures got assembled in a 18-minutes lasting documentary by Daniele Spano', while the musical translation of these five places got committed to Emanuele: his meticulus textures of samples, piano and guitars - in-between chamber music, acousmatic and ambient - manage to render the overlap between places and non-places of memory and oblivion as well as the emotional core of memories by alternations of lulls and "waggles" of different sonic inputs, as if he tried to translate the effluence or even the metempsychosis that emanate from portrayed objects. Check out the documentary on the web in order to have an idea of the relevance of his sonic cameos.


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