Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Artist: Hybryds (@)
Title: The Silent Whisper
Format: CD
Label: Prodam (@)
A long-time presence on the ritual ambient music scene, Hybryds latest release, 'The Silent Whisper', continues to supply dark, industrial-strength sounds that are "sometimes harsh and bleeding and sometimes soft and gentle.' Based in Belgium, Hybryds consists of Magthea , the original founder (also known as Sandy Nijs), TraumaSutra (Peter De Koning) and vocalist Madeline Arnt. Dark Poem, another Belgian cult band personality, also appears as a vocalist on selected tracks. The music of Hybryds typically consists of deep, mysterious rumblings in the lower registers along with vocals or narration by Madeline Arnt and this combination is consistently effective. The feeling of this music is otherworldly, and sometimes harsh, but it does succeed in evoking a sense of intentional spirituality that is rare in our consumer-driven contemporary culture. The tracks range from smoothly accessible, as in 'Wheel of Life', to strongly primal, as in 'Garden of Dreams'. All of the pieces on this CD exhibit a strong sense of balance between the electronics and vocals, no doubt the result of a long collaboration between the members of Hybryds. 'Silent Whisper - Part 1&2&3' is probably the most impressive track artfully combining a variety of alien sounds, vocal chanting and saxophone into a convincing amalgam. The singing of Madeline Arnt stands out on this CD, but the percussion and electronic sounds are always well chosen and the mixing is excellent. 'The Silent Whisper' is perhaps best understood when the listener imagines himself in a small Berlin after-hours club on a summer evening ' hearing Hybryds perform live would be a powerful experience.


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